Gitte works across disciplines to expand conversations and inspire awareness of the relationship between ourselves and the objects we live with. Her work moves beyond the gallery, connects the seemingly unexpected and explores the often overlooked. She creates artworks, functional objects, collections, commissioned pieces and project based collaborations.

Gitte was trained as a goldsmith at Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, and escaped the jewellery bench to explore the medium from other perspectives. In 2002, Gitte graduated with a Bachelor from the Art Jewellery Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Nowadays, she works as an independent artist, part-time art educator, initiator and co-organizer of art-related projects and events.

Whilst Gitte’s focus is firmly on the subject of “jewellery”, she has a holistic and 360-degree approach to creativity and testing ideas within different contexts. Gitte has been collaborating on various projects in public space all over the world in cities such as: Durban, Mafikeng, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris to name a few.

In 2009, she was nominated for the ‘Rotterdam Designprijsʼ together with Jair Straschnow and for the ‘Design Made for Maastricht’ for their project ‘Off-Ground’ in 2017. In 2012 her collection ‘Black to Binchotanʼ was nominated for the ‘Doen Materiaalprijsʼ. Together with Josephine Winther she was the winner of ‘Design and Crafts Biennale’, Copenhagen in 2013 for the jewellery street-project ‘Makers Move’.

Link to collaboration project:

Makers Move



With generous support from The Danish Art Foundation throughout the years.