KasaneYô is fascinated by this natural phenomenon and the slow process that make this unique material so special and precious. In this series of wearable pieces, KasaneYô has been inspired by Japan's tradition of using female pearl divers, the Ama, hunter-gatherers of the sea, heroines of tracking and gathering gems from the ocean. The Ama community stand here as inspiration because of their commitment, passion and courageous singular lifestyle that has been passed on for generations.
KasaneYô is a collective of 4 international jewellery designers based in Amsterdam, formed by Q Hisashi Shibata, Gitte Nygaard, Nina Sajet and Morgane de Klerk. They share an interest in the joy of making and material matters that come to life with time.

By collaborating with Kobe Pearl, they want to raise awareness and broaden the understanding on the nacré cultured beads. Pearls are living things that grow layer by layer over time.
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