By taking the workshop into the public space, they have found a way to bridge the creation of objects with the lived experience of possessing them. The mobile studio acts as a contact point between the makers and ordinary people passing by. With Makers Move, Gitte Nygaard and Josephine Winther invite people to share their stories about a piece of jewellery, or a small object that has a special meaning to them. In return for their stories, people receive a small pewter cast of their object, or jewellery, made right there on the spot, and mounted in a pendant as an amulet. The mobile workshop becomes ‘a medium of exchange’, and the amulet becomes a symbolic representation of the story, as it was shared. (You can read the full text The Personal Precious by Louise Mazanti on Makers Move website)

The mobile unit is made in collaboration with Jair Straschnow. You can visit the webpage, and read the Prize Motivation from The Danish Arts Foundation Crafts and Design Committee who awarded a prize to the jewellery project Makers Move.
Makers Move is a mobile jewellery workshop on a converted carrier bike. Gitte Nygaard and Josephine Winther created this transportable studio in 2012, as a way to renegotiate the relationship between maker and wearer, and wearer and object. They wanted to get out of the confined workspace where jewellery objects are created, completely detached from the meaning that will be ascribed to them, once they are presented in a gallery space – sold and worn. With Makers Move they add a very important missing aspect to each end of the life cycle of objects. An aspect that has largely been ignored by both the world of commercial and art jewellery, that tends to see jewellery as an ‘image’: as a static object with a static meaning and a fixed aesthetic expression.

Makers Move open up our awareness to that vast field of meaning that exists before and after life in the gallery, and to the magic of creation and the power of connection.
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